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Canada immigration express entry: What it means?

As the name suggests, the Canada immigration express entry System is Canada's chief migration method. The framework empowers people and their families to move to Canada as residents in just a half year. It works by positioning possible candidates against one another utilizing a points-based application management system. The higher positioning applicants are given Invitations to Apply (ITA's) for permanent residency in Canada. It comprises three federal high skilled migration programs — Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

This is for skilled specialists with capabilities and qualifications and has foreign work experience of at least one year. One must meet the minimum required criteria of work experience, language ability, and educational background. To crack the skilled work experience criteria, make sure that you at least have experience working for managerial jobs, tech jobs, and professional jobs. If all the minimum requirements are fulfilled, the application is then processed further based on 6 factors, that is, education, work experience, age, a valid job offer, your adaptability level to new surroundings, and English speaking and writing language skills.

Federal Skilled Trades Program:

This applies to the candidates who are specialized in a skilled trade. One should have at least 2 years of full-time and part-time work experience in a skilled trade — industrial, electrical, and construction trades, maintenance and equipment operation trade, chefs and cooks, butchers and bakers, technical jobs in agriculture, etc. To meet the requirements as the candidate for the federal skilled trade program, ensure you have a legitimate employment proposition for 1 year, and a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority.

Canada Experience Class:

This program is specified for the candidates who undergo one of the above-mentioned programs. The candidates should have at least one year experience of working in Canada. The candidate should be able to read, write, and speak the English language. The applicants must prove that they can dwell in Canadian society.

How Canada Permanent Resident (pr) Express Entry Works

Canada PR express entry is an online management system used to manage the candidate applications for permanent residence for skilled workers.
Check Canada express entry eligibility criteria - The initial step is to decide if you are qualified for Canadian migration and this movement program specifically. Do read the detailed requirements for the program you opted for.
Prepare documentation - You need to prepare a proper set of documents to submit your profile application for express entry. The list of the documents is as under.

  • 1. A passport

  • 2. Canadian education proof

  • 3. Proof of funds

  • 4. Language test results

  • 5. Valid Job offer letter by a Canadian employer

  • 6. Provisional nomination ( if you possess one )

  • 7. Birth certificate

  • 8. Police certificate stating no crimes committed

  • 9. Compilation of certificates depending on the situation ( marriage, divorce, adoption, and death certificate in case your marital status is widowed)

  • 10. Common law union form

  • 11. Representative form

  • 12. 2 passport size photographs

Profile submission:

Express entry profile contains all the information about the candidate. If your profile seems eligible, your application will get selected. Your profile will get ranked according to the CRS tool, that is, a points-based system that is used to assess, score, and rank your profile. For every express entry applicant, qualifying marks, that is, Canada express entry score is set.

Canada express entry minimum points:

67 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply under the Express Entry program.

Invitation to apply for permanent residence:

If the profile passes all the criteria, the invitation is sent to the applicants to apply for one of the programs. The invitation is only sent to the candidates who obtain the highest Canadian immigration points.


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