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How to apply for family sponsorship Canada?

Following are the steps to apply for family sponsorship in Canada. Opt for an

  • ● Guidance Pamphlets

  • ● Forms to be filled

  • ● Document record agenda

Read the guidance pamphlet before the form filling process. Ensure you're qualified to support a family member before you apply.
  • ● you'll need to give evidence of income
  • ● your family members should state they will attempt to help themselves
  • ● you should write an agreement stating to help your family members for a set measure of time (3 to 20 years)
  • ● Incorporate all your relative’s kids on your overall's application
  • ● Incorporate every one of the documents recorded in the document recording agenda Missing data or reports can postpone your application. All data in your application should be valid. You should come clean about:

  • ● your relatives (remember them for your application)

  • ● your conjugal status

  • ● any adjustment of your case
Application fee payment
  • ● preparing expenses for you, individuals you're supporting and their dependants

  • ● the right of permanent home expense

  • ● the biometrics fee; In most cases, the biometric fee is to be paid when applying.
Submit your application; the specific processing time isn’t mentioned. You will be informed once the procedure is done.