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Provincial Nominee Program

Are you planning to opt for Provincial Nominee Program in Canada? If yes, then the Provincial nomination program is a fast track option for you to attain permanent residence in Canada. The PNP or the Canadian provincial nominee program allows Canadian territories and provinces to nominate individuals interested in immigrating and settling in Canada.

How to apply for the PNP?

  • ● Be nominated by the territory or that specific province

  • ● Apply to the territories for the nomination

  • ● Apply to Matta Immigration Consultants to get a PR

  • Under this system, you will need to complete the profile and show that you meet all the minimum criteria set for the express entry.

How much time does it take to process the application?

If you apply for the Canadian provincial nomination program through an express entry stream, the permanent residence applications get processed within six months or less. Non-Express Entry connected applications, additionally called paper-based applications, as a rule, take between 1-2 years to measure at the government stage.

What awaits after applying?

After you have applied, Matta immigration will verify that you meet all the requirements laid down by the country. You will be verified based on the following aspects, as to whether or not you:

  • ● Have filled out the application correctly for permanent residence
  • ● Have paid the processing fee – which is an important step
  • ● Meet the education and language requirements laid down by the country’s law
  • ● Have submitted all the crucial and relevant documents

If you have not submitted your application truthfully, there are high chances that:

  • ● You could be found inadmissible
  • ● Your immigration application might get refused by the responsible authorities
  • ● They can restrict you from applying for permanent resident status for up to five years