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Canada super visa for parents: What is it?

It is also known as the Parent Visa in Canada or the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, this visa is considered among the Temporary Resident Visas. It permits the direct relations to visit their children and grandkids for a set timeframe. The kids or grandkids should be Canadian Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens. While the Canadian Visitor Visa is utilized, for this reason, the Super Visa was made to extend the time that guardians and grandparents can stay with their friends and family. The Canada Super Visa permits them to remain for as long as 2 years all at once in Canada with their family if they satisfy the necessities. During the time that guardians and grandparents are in Canada with the Super Visa, they are not permitted to work or buy a house at any low maintenance. They are likewise not permitted to attempt to get Canadian resident documents or Canadian resident advantages. They are just permitted to stay with their family members and visit the country.

Super Visa Eligibility Criteria:

● Be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian resident or a permanent Canadian resident
● A guarantee of monetary help throughout your visit
● a duplicate of the Canadian citizenship or perpetual inhabitant report belonging to the person who has invited you
● Have clinical insurance from a Canadian insurance agency, that is, have confirmed that the medical insurance has been paid

Requirements to apply for Super Visa Canada

● The financial situations of parents will be taken into account
● Invitation letter from the host. Letter of Invitation format should include:
➢ Complete Name and Middle Name of Parents
➢ Date of Birth/Country of Birth
➢ Parent/grandparent Address and Phone Number
➢ Mention relationship to the host
➢ The purpose of the trip
● Parents or Grandparents must meet the minimum & income household
● Mandatory availability of Canadian medical coverage insurance certificate
● Complete medical examination should be performed
● The purpose of visit extending the stay should be clear
● The document should be provided to prove the host’s income
● A Declaration Letter from you to the Government of Canada where you clarify why they should give you a Super visa.
● Two (2) photographs in consistency with the Canada Photo rules.
● Different records that will assure that you will get back to your nation of origin like rent, property deed, etc.
● Archives that demonstrate that you don't plan to work or stay permanently in Canada.