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What is Visitor Visa?

Applying for a Canada visitor visa is quite easy as everything can be arranged for prior to your visit in the country. If you are, of course, an individual belonging to a country or a territory that requires a Canadian visa. Canada visitor visa is an official document that will be stamped on your passport. It shows that you meet the basic requirements needed to travel to Canada. And this is a visa that many visitors will require, regardless of their projected length of stay in the country. Here are the following requirements that will be necessary for you to proceed with your application.

Requirements to apply for Canadian Visitor Visa

There are several basic requirements for a Canadian visitor visa. These requirements include:

  • ● A valid passport

  • ● Documents that prove your nationality

  • ● Financial statements that prove you have sufficient availability of funds to support your stay

  • ● An Invitation letter from your relatives in case you plan on staying with them

  • ● Medical clearance certificate to ensure your wellbeing

  • ● Police clearance certificate to ensure

  • Applicants must not seek a job to make their stay permanent on the visitor visa.