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What is Spousal Sponsorship?

Spousal Sponsorship Applications can be a complex process. In some cases the processing time can take more than a year. Our India office uniquely helps you make the Outland Spousal Sponsorship process easier and streamlined, such that you can sponsor your loved ones to Canada at the earliest.

Requirements listed for spouse sponsorship Canada

Canadian spousal sponsorship is the way a Canadian resident or permanent resident can support their accomplice to come to Canada and permanently live in Canada.
You might be qualified to support your companion if you are a Canadian resident or permanent resident and meet the accompanying conditions:
● You should be around 18 years of age
● Live in Canada, or intending to get back to Canada once your companion or accomplice turns into a permanent resident of Canada
● Are capable and able to accommodate the essential monetary requirements of your mate or accomplice for a very long time
If you are hitched and investigating supporting your significant other or spouse, migration officials will hope to see the accompanying proof:
● Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation survey
● Marriage testament (see customary law if you are not hitched)
● Wedding solicitations and photographs
● Birth testaments or appropriation records for any kids you and your life partner have together
● Verification of enrollment of marriage with an administration authority
● Verification that you and your mate own property together
● Shared financial balances
● Service bills with both of your names,
● Duplicates of government-provided IDs,
● Vehicle insurance
● Pay stubs or tax documents that show that you live at a similar location
If you fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements, you have built a strong case for Canadian immigration spousal sponsorship.